Kosice - Peace Marathon Square - Peace Marathoner Statue and Eastern-Slovakia Muzeum

2007-07-22   15:40:00   Viktor Johánek

GPS: 48.7271, 21.2541

Peace Marathoner Statue and Eastern-Slovakia Muzeum in Kosice are situated on Peace Marathon Square.

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Peace Marathoner Statue

The bronze statue of Marathon runner is symbolizing the run of victory. It is placed at the Peace Marathon Square in Kosice near Eastern-Slovakia Muzeum building. The statue was sculpted by well-known native sculptor and painter Mr.Arpad Racko. Naked runner holding the laurel is 3.2m high and stands on a 3m base on which, where under the words "NENI KHAMEN" (greek for "We Won"), the names of all the marathon winners are placed.

Eastern-Slovakia Muzeum

The Eastern-Slovakia Museum, a majestic neo-Renaissance structure built in 1899, anchors the north end of the Peace Marathon Square. Exhibitions on eastern-Slovakia regional development, numismatic collections, and the Gold Treasure of Kosice (hoard of golden coins and other golden objects) are located here.

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Peace Marathon Square

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